Church and Community Program

“ENLACE’s church and community program is the heart of our ministry, striving to help the church become the agent of change Christ intends it to be.” Ron Bueno, Executive Director, ENLACE

ENLACE’s work is based on a core program, “Church and Community”, in which local churches are supported in their efforts to become agents of change in their communities. Our staff meet regularly with pastors, lay leaders, and community organizations to provide a Biblical basis for creating initiatives that demonstrate the gospel of Christ through active service. Our team is comprised of individuals with experience and education in theology, social work, social science, community development, business, and project management.

Every other week, ENLACE meets with the core leadership of each church to teach through passages of scripture that relate directly to the integral mission of the church. The following five core principles are taught in the contexts of communities:

Incarnation                  Community                  Loving One Another                Service                       Justice

ENLACE’s approach allows us to teach the Bible in a way that relates to the individual context of the communities, and in a way that is relevant to the immediate issues they face together in their struggles with poverty. As a church begins to identify the opportunities around them to serve, ENLACE coaches the leaders in designing initiates alongside their neighbors that address some of the hardest issues facing a community. These initiatives (such as medical clinics, housing, or water systems, etc.) become mechanisms for people to encounter Christ in tangible ways as they serve one another.