Photo Gallery

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Decent Homes, Safer Future
The Gospel in Action
Providing Healthier Homes
Designing a Better Future
Ministering in Las Delicias
Serving our Neighbors
One Mission in El Progreso
Building a Better Future: Willow Creek Chicago in El Progreso
Labor and Love: Willow Creek Church (Crystal Lake) Serves with the Arca de Dios
Building to the Next Level: Next Level Church Works with Two Salvadoran Churches
Building Transformation
Blessings through medicine, glasses and eco-stoves
Northeast Christian Church in El Espino
Water and Hope in San Jacinto
Eight Years and Counting in San Jose El Naranjo
A Special Bond: The Crossing Church in Las Delicias
Shared Blessings in La Estancia
Timberline Church: Students Serve Students in El Espino
Health and Hope for El Ranchador Part 2
Healthier Homes in La Bendición: Willow Creek First Visit to El Salvador
Willow Chicago Paves the Way to El Progreso
New Life Church: Work, Passion and Dedication
Vineyard Christian Church 2012: Hope and New Life for San Jacinto
Inauguration of Houses in Pajigua: Uncountable Blessings
Talent in God’s hands = This is love
Broadway Christian Church Caminando Juntos in El Espino
A New Road to Transformation in El Ranchador
CrossWay Christian Church Visit Sirigual
Spring Break 2012: Health and Hope for El Ranchador
Spring Break 2012: Students Serve in San Jacinto
Unity and Fellowship Bring Transformation to Pajigua
Celebrating Transformation In San Jacinto
Thy Kingdom Come: The Gateway Church’s First Visit to El Salvador
Crossway Christian Church Brings Blessing: First of Three Mission Teams
Serving with Love and Sacrifice: Meadowbrook Team February 2012
Pastors and Leaders Retreat 2011
Pasarela Inauguration in Comecayo!
Global Leadership Summit in El Salvador
Emergency Relief
Broadway Comes to El Salvador!
Home Gardens in Anemona, San Martin
Willow Creek Church Builds Homes and Friendships in San Jacinto
Building Relationship in El Ranchador
Achieving Transformational Goals through New Homes in El Espino
Witnesses of God’s Mercy!
Old Friends
When God Acts Through Us, We Can Do Great Things
A Church is More Than a Building
24th Street, Santa María
Willow Creek Chicago visit El Salvador
Willow Creek Youth Visit El Salvador
Willow Creek Crystal Lake Visits El Ranchador
El Espino Housing Initiative
Life Transformation Through Micro-loans
Meadowbrook Continues Impacting San Martin
New Houses in Sirigual
Pastors and Leaders Retreat 2010
El Triunfo’s First Medical Team
The Hope Harvest in La Loma
Covenant Family Fellowship in San Antonio
New Homes in El Ranchador
Paving the way to Better Relationship
SeaCoast Grace Church in El Salvador!
Project Milagro 4th Phase Inauguration
Building a Healthy Future While Building Relationships
Vineyard in San Jacinto, Santa Ana
El Ranchador Housing Initiative
Success Stories with Micro-Loans
Visit to Santa Ana
Water Flowing to First Milagro Tank!
Joni and Friends in El Salvador
Disaster Response Photos
More Ida Damage Photos
November Rain Damage in Las Delicias
Damage Caused by Hurricane Ida rains
Los Abelines Interviews
The Crossing in Las Delicias 2009
Briargate Church in Comecayo 2009
Sea Coast Grace Church in San Antonio 2009
Sea Coast Grace Church in San Antonio 2009
Orange County First Assemblies of God Church 2009
CHIMPS Medical Team 2009
Abelines Housing Recipients
First Ditches Dug for Project Milagro
Trip to Cerro Cacahuatique (Abelines)
2008 Pastors and Leaders Retreat
South Hills Corona
Faith Christian Fellowship
Church at Briargate
Seacoast Grace Church
Vanguard University
Glad Tidings
River West Vision Trip
STOA Eye Clinic
First Assembly Fort Wayne in San Jose El Naranjo
Medical team from Colorado visits Abelines
Visalia First Assembly visits El Salvador
Oak Hills Church from Minnesota visits Las Delicias
Newsong Church collaborates in Las Delicias water project
Union Church of San Salvador supports El Tinteral with mitigation work
Faith Christian Fellowship visits Las Delicias
Pupusa eating contest in Las Delicias
Wilkerson Pastors’ conference preliminary meeting
All-staff ENLACE training day
El Tinteral favorites
Abelines clinic expansion inauguration
H.O.W. visits abelines with medical team
Faith Chapel visits San Jose El Naranjo February 2007
The Crossing Church in las delicias february 2007
The Community of El Cambio, El Tinteral Celebrates a New Access Road
Church and community training in Las Delicias
The Community of Abelines
Best of 2006
Las Delicias Water Tank Work Day
ENLACE Family Day 2006
2006 Pastor AND Church Leader Retreat