24th Street, Santa María

A year ago, Príncipe de Paz church began to help organize its community to address the problem of eroding roads in their community of Santa Maria in San Martin. The road conditions had gotten so bad that safety during the rainy season was a chief concern to all who lived in the area. Príncipe de Paz church successfully motivated neighbors and the local government to work together to solve their problem. But they still needed more help. New Life Church from Exeter, California and students from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, volunteered. The road was dramatically improved providing safety and a better quality of life for hundreds of people. The impact that the improved road has made in the community has been a result of restored relationships, authentic local and international teamwork, and a closeness between the church and its community. The pastor and his congregation now have an opportunity to express in very concrete terms the “good news” of the gospel.