“God has led me to missions and refined me through this work.”


Gerson DeLeon was only 19 years old when his pastor noted his hard work ethic and asked him to lead a small congregation. During that time, he found that his heart was most burdened for young children and youth. That burden led him to an opportunity to work for one year with a project with The Samaritan’s Purse. After that work concluded, he joined the staff of Compassion International where he worked for the next seven years. According to Gerson, both experiences were very rewarding and allowed him to learn much about working in rural communities.

When the contract with Compassion International ended, Gerson began looking for a job that would support both his wife of three years, Ada, and their year-old son, Esteban. Even though he had a degree in International Relations, Gerson found work as a school teacher. Soon, however, the opportunity to join the ENLACE staff as a Church Coach appeared. Gerson believed it was God’s leading and said, “God has led me on this path for years.”

Over ten years have gone by since Gerson pastored a small group of believers. Now he serves as a Church Coach to five churches in the Santa Ana Region. Explaining his experience he says, “I believe the role of a Church Coach is vital because he spends a lot of time in the community and can see not only the community’s needs but also the opportunities that exist for the church to collaborate with its community to bring about solutions…And I like to be where there is need.”


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