We Believe

We believe that every church has the potential to end poverty in its community. With training, coaching, and resources, churches can effectively partner with their communities to create long-term solutions to multidimensional poverty.

In the United States, we work with churches to cultivate fully devoted disciples of Christ by helping extend churches’ impact and by facilitating life-changing experiences abroad that make church more fun and exciting.

Visit Our Approach for a step-by-step introduction to ENLACE’s approach to church and community development. 

In the Next Five Years

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Over the next five years, ENLACE aims to coach and resource more than 4,330 church and community leaders from 173 churches to impact the lives of over 300,000 people in El Salvador, Nepal, Guatemala, and Nicaragua —and we need your help.

ENLACE addresses the root causes of poverty by forming long-term relationships to mobilize churches to multiply your impact. Click here for a step-by-step look at how ENLACE helps churches end poverty in their communities.

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Let our lean team of community development experts, civil and agricultural engineers, business coaches, and church mobilizers help you empower churches to end poverty.


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Visit ENLACE's work firsthand, meet fellow pastors, and dream of the fun your congregation will have helping churches end poverty.

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