Vision Trip

Who is a Vision Trip for?

Vision Trips are for pastors, missions pastors, and church leaders who are ready to partner with ENLACE to empower churches, transform communities, and make church even more fun and exciting here at home.

Participants may include just you and an ENLACE representative, or you might choose to invite a group of key leaders and supporters from your church.

Small Trip group

What Is It?

The Vision Trip is an opportunity to visit an ENLACE program in action in Central America or Nepal. It’s a chance to meet fellow pastors and community leaders, learn about our work, assess needs, and see where your church members might engage in Short Term Service Trips. Most of all it’s an opportunity to dream together about how your church will change the world.

Why not just donate the money I’d spend on a Vision Trip to ENLACE?

 Your church is welcome to partner with ENLACE without going on a Vision Trip. We offer them because we’ve found that people who go see ENLACE’s work, meet fellow pastors, and prayerfully envision their church’s global impact end up partnering with us for decades to come.

Group pastor trip

Ready to envision your trip?


Church Mobilization

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Church Mobilization

What Churches in El Salvador Teach Us About Creating Thriving Communities
By Ron Bueno

A Participant’s Guide for ENLACE Vision Trips & Short-Term Serving Trips

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Long-Term Impact on a Short-Term Trip

A Participant’s Guide for ENLACE Vision Trips & Short-Term Serving Trips.