How ENLACE Catalyzes Transformation

ENLACE multiplies your impact by working with churches to develop a vision, restore relationships, and engage local resources before supporters like you enter the picture. Scroll through these steps to see all we do to ensure that your gift results in sustainable and empowering physical and spiritual transformation. Check out the eight steps of an ENLACE church partnership below and reach out to us as soon as you’re ready to discuss linking arms with ENLACE to change the world.

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Churches Apply for an ENLACE Partnership

We can’t say “yes” to everyone. Churches must demonstrate that they aspire to become a LÍDER church. Once trained, they’ll lead other churches through this 10-year-long partnership process, exponentially multiplying your impact.


LIDERAZGO DE SIERVO –servant leadership.
INTEGRAL–a wholistic gospel expressed in action as well as words.
DESARROLLO SOSTENIBLE–a commitment to sustainable development.
EFECTIVA COLABORACION–effective collaboration with community leaders.
REPLICAR–churches must replicate the work by training other churches.

Church Mobilization

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Church Mobilization

What Churches in El Salvador Teach Us About Creating Thriving Communities
By Ron Bueno


Develop a Whole Gospel Vision

Some churches engage in social development but stop short of proclaiming the best news we have to offer. Others preach the gospel but fail to demonstrate it through action. The ENLACE Church Coach helps the church develop an integral vision of the gospel expressed in word and deed.


The Church Coach & LÍDER Churches

The ENLACE Church Coach guides the congregation into a deep understanding of the biblical basis for working to improve their community. They’ll also connect the new church with experienced LÍDER churches to mentor them.



The church forms a missions committee that builds relationships with existing community organizations—the local clinic, school, social development committee, PTA, water and sanitation board, or anyone improving lives—and they ask how the church can help.

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Identify Needs & Mobilize Local Resources

The Church Coach works with the church to identify community needs and local resources they can mobilize to address them. Resources may be relational, material, or human. Churches are often able to contribute more than half a project’s cost locally, which means your gift provides twice as much life-saving help.


Conduct a Multidimensional Poverty Baseline Study

A year or more into the process, church and community leaders work together to conduct a door-to-door baseline study that maps 21 indicators of multidimensional poverty. They’ll repeat that study every five years to measure how lives have improved.

Church coach church leaders
Community Atol


Linked Every Step of the Way

Whether the church and community need project management training, business coaching, or technical expertise from a civil or agricultural engineer, ENLACE will link them with experts who can help.

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Here’s Where YOU Come in!

Your support sends a powerful message to our partner churches about the Body of Christ. Whether you sponsor a Church Coach, a project, a program area, or go on a Short-Term Service Trip for encouragement, fellowship, and learning, your participation makes Scripture’s vision of a unified global Body of Christ come alive for our partner churches.

ENLACE helps churches partner with communities to end poverty by working on whatever development projects they identify and prioritize. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Housing Projects
  • Eco-Stoves
  • Food Aid for the Elderly, ill, and Physically Challenged
  • Food Security Projects
  • Family Chicken Businesses
  • Goat Livelihood Projects
  • Small Business Loans
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Bridges and Roads
  • Disaster Relief
  • Family Farms

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