New wall

3 Lessons We Can Learn from Salvadoran Christians as We Celebrate International Day of Education

Can you serve others by digging dirt, laying stone and constructing a wall? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” 

When your children go to school you want them to be safe while they study and learn and play. You want the peace of mind knowing that people entering the school have permission to be there. You want them to have an opportunity to improve their overall quality of life and have a healthy self-esteem. Well it’s the same for parents living in El Salvador. 


Parent looking at rural school


Parents in Los Pinos were fearful that the school was too exposed. Local church and community leaders decided that building a perimeter wall around the school was important in keeping the children and teenagers safe during the school day. Families in the community started to save what they could. Even if it was small, it was important for parents to know they could all contribute something. 


ENLACE staff began to organize, train and manage the technical aspects of the project. And soon with the joint effort of the local church and community leaders, the process of building the wall began.


Measuring wall
Measuring the boundary area and making arrangements to use local resources are part of the beginning stages of construction.


ENLACE supports the local church in the transformation of its community by strengthening collaboration between churches and community organizations. They work together to identify and develop sustainable solutions to multidimensional poverty. After initiatives have been identified by the local community, serving teams from the U.S. and Canada come alongside members of the local church and community to work together to finish the project. It is a beautiful collaboration and opportunity to learn from and work with the community.


people working together    people excavating

A serving team from Soul City excavates alongside the community.


excavated for base of the wall   building the base of the wall with stone

The next step is the construction of the base of the wall.


workers adding wall to stone   Workers working together

Community workers are trained in the installation of the new wall.


bulldozer excavating around a wall   bulldozer excavating around a wall

ENLACE incorporates resources and laborers from the local community.


Before the wall was built the school only offered classes through the 7th grade, but now that the school grounds are safer, older students are able to continue their education without having to travel to another community. 


“[This project] may not be huge to some, but for us, it has been an incredible blessing!” said church member Eunice Magali Lopez Cartegena. But at ENLACE we know their accomplishment IS huge, not only for the families of children protected by the wall, but also because through projects like these, churches and communities learn over time to carry out community-transforming projects on their own without outside help.


people celebrating together
Members of the church and the community invite the serving team to celebrate and reflect on their accomplishments together.


Students walking in front of perimeter wall


The local church in Los Pinos has always been willing to serve their community, but they have grown in understanding that service is an integral mission of the Church. 

They have learned 3 lessons: 

  1. It is better to serve than to be served. 
  2. Do everything with love as if we were doing it for Christ Himself.
  3. It’s a privilege to show God’s love to others by taking care of their needs.


If you think your church would be interested in this transformative work, please contact us! Learn more here where you can also schedule a call with an ENLACE church relationship facilitator. 

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