Balloons Celebrating 30 Years


While there are many more stories of what God is doing through people at ENLACE, we would like to highlight 5 that were possible thanks to the gifts and prayers of supporters like you!

In 2023 ENLACE…


…answered prayers in Guatemala!

Check out this webpage or this video to learn why Church Coaches like Marielos Morales say ENLACE’s long-term accompaniment is exactly what churches in her country need. 
Group of Women
Mica Shive Bueno visits Marielos and Karla, two church coaches in Guatemala.

…helped women empower women! 

ENLACE’s Mica Shive Bueno launched and led the Shine Collective, a network of people who gather to learn, build community, and empower women through ENLACE because investing in women builds healthy communities
Group of Women
Mica Shive Bueno on a recent Shine Pilgrimage trip to Guatemala.

…saw church demand for ENLACE skyrocket in Nicaragua! 

Last fall we shared this video about the Orellana family’s adventures from El Salvador to Nepal to Nicaragua where hundreds of churches asked for an ENLACE partnership. Well, that number is now in the thousands. We’ve never seen anything like it, so please pray with us as we seek God’s guidance to meet even a fraction of that demand. 
People in front of a church
Executive Director, Ron Bueno visiting a church in Nicaragua.

…saw God at work in Nepal!

This year you helped churches in Nepal train and equip women to work as seamstresses. You helped churches equip marginalized neighbors to start family businesses raising chickens, pigs, and goats, making the love of Jesus visible in places where it’d once been unwelcome.
Nepali woman sewing
Nepali woman in seamstress vocational training.

And we celebrated our 30 years of helping churches end poverty in their communities! 

In this video, ENLACE’s Executive Director, Ron Bueno, tells the story of a few Salvadoran pastors from poor communities who created a development methodology that now helps transform churches and communities across Nepal, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. As we look back at 30 years of faithfulness, it becomes clearer what God has been preparing us for all along. 
Balloons Celebrating 30 Years
30 Years Celebration in El Salvador.

We hope you’ll share the joy of taking part in our work in 2024!  

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