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“ENLACE Coffee is a Win Win!” – Bruce Horgan, Willow Creek Church

Bruce Horgan, retired facilities manager at Willow Creek Church, shares why he and his wife Barb subscribe to ENLACE coffee

Barb and Bruce Horgan

Bruce first heard about ENLACE in 2014 when he was asked to lead a serving team to El Salvador. He has since been to the country 10 times leading multiple teams. “Once you get the bug, you keep coming back!”

Serving Trips

Bruce had gone on multiple mission trips over the years to the Dominican Republic and Africa so he was no stranger to serving outside the church walls. But he expressed how much he appreciated how organized ENLACE trips were. “It’s a great organization – we don’t have to be the tip of the spear. They do all the logistics and we just serve.” 

Serving Team
“From the time we get there until the time we leave, I see God at work whether it be providing materials or connections or being with us in prayer.” – Bruce


family with new ecostove
Many women and children are hospitalized or are living with extreme respiratory illness due to smoke inhalation. Eco-stoves are a life changer! Not only do families save money on purchasing wood, their health dramatically improves.


One of ENLACE’s goals is to empower the local church to form healthy relationships with their community so that pastors and church coaches can be effective in bringing about lasting change. Bruce communicated that once a serving team leaves, the work continues. It doesn’t stop from trip to trip. When the government leaders and other residents of the community, who may not be members of the church, see that their community is being improved through the church, they may be open to hearing the Gospel message.


women praying for a woman
Barb and daughter Colleen pray for a woman who has not seen her son for a long time.


little boy smiling  brick mason from El Salvador with American man  El Salvadoran pastor with American man

“We arrive as strangers and leave as friends” – Bruce

ENLACE Coffee: Some of the perks 🙂

Besides having coffee delivered to your door, Bruce explains why he and Barb have a monthly subscription to ENLACE Coffee. Being coffee drinkers they would get coffee regardless, so why not help families at the same time? “It’s a win, win!” Bruce and his family have even visited the area where some of ENLACE coffee is harvested and have witnessed the poverty of these places first hand. Meeting some of the people who work at the coffee plantation is an uncommon experience.  “The Santa Ana coffee blend was special [to us] because we’ve been there.”


bag of coffee

Every sip of coffee does a world of good!


When asked why he keeps coming back, Bruce commented that he is blessed to see the fruits of his donations and to form relationships with the people of El Salvador. And he knows that part of his monthly coffee subscription goes toward projects that lift people out of extreme poverty and provide a chance for a better life. To see God working through people to provide monumental improvements is an exciting experience.


If sipping on ethically-sourced premium coffee knowing the proceeds help churches end poverty in their communities sounds like a win-win to you, consider an ENLACE Coffee Subscription. To learn more about short-serving trips for long-term impact, click here.

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